Obsidian Hooks to CardHop URL's appear to create successfully but then disappear from Hook


When I hook a CardHop Url to something in Obsidian, it appears to be hooked successfully. But when I reopen the context menu, Hookmark doesn’t show anything is hooked. Ie, the hook does show up when I first create the hook in an Obsidian note, but when I bring up the Hook context menu again it indicates that the Obsidian note has no hooks.

I was able to get it working for one note that does persist, but for a variety of Obsidian notes and CardHop contacts reproduce the error. Ie, the hook shows when you first link/create the hook, but does not show up the next time you open the Hook context menu.

I am using the Default Obsidian Hook implementation (not Advanced URI or hook files). In CardHop I am simply using its builtin Copy Contact URL option and then going to an Obsidian note > Hook context menu > Hook to Copied Link

Welcome to Hookproductity forum, @evanharmon .

I just tried it and it seems to be working on my mac.

What’s your Hookmark version, Obsidian version, Cardhop version and macOS version?

Also, could you post your Cardhop url here?

Thank you!


Hookmark Version 5.0 (5317; Integration v. 267)
MacOS 13.2.1
Obsidian Version 1.1.16
CardHop Version 2.2.5 (1128.278.99f1258e9)

Here is one of only 2 (out of about 7-8 CardHop contact URLs that I tried) that seemed to work correctly with Hook:

And here is one that doesn’t work:

The links themselves work when pasted into obsidian and in the notes of a Cardhop contact. But Hookmark loses its record/data of that link.

The link looks good.

Can you link a web page or other document to it?

For the Obsidian document that has problem to link to this link, could you post a link to that Obsidian document? Also, can this Obsidian document link to other documents?

Good questions!

Yes, I can link other things to that CardHop contact that doesn’t work in Obsidian/Hook (Drafts, TextEdit, Safari webpage) and they persist.

Here is the link that Hookmark generates - Amy Brettmann

vs one that DID work:
John Mahon

And yes, I can link the Obisidian document to other documents (Drafts, TextEdit, Safara webpage) via Hookmark and they persist.

So it does seem isolated to hooking certain/most CardHop contacts to Obsidian. Maybe it’s some kind of RegEx or text processing bug in Hook? Although since you tried it on your machine and it worked I’m not sure. However, at least a couple CardHop contacts DID Hook correctly to Obsidian, so I’m not sure what’s unique about that situation. Maybe it’s isolated to me/my machine or maybe there are specific circumstances that don’t work for anyone in that circumstance, whatever that circumstance is…

I did try other things like restarting my Mac and restarting Obsidian. I can try on another Mac eventually but I’m out of town and won’t be able to for at least a week.

Is it possible that CardHop returns different URLs for the same contact? I would try Copy Link on x-cardhop://show?id=contact:305296D5-12F0-4038-8FAB-B34BC5719378&contact=Amy%20Brettmann a number of times and paste the result in a text file each time, to see if they are different.

Also, I recommend using the Recent feature or Search tool to see if different links are showing up there for the same item.

If you search for "x-cardhop" you should see all those bookmarks.