Obsidian Hook to New from Safari title issue


I’m seeing a new issue doing a hook to new Obsidian document using the advanced URI scheme from a web page.

For example:

  • In safari I’m on “Home - BBC News
  • I Hook to New and choose Obsidian (I’m using the Advanced URI scheme)
  • The document is created - but with a title of “Home%20-%20BBC%20News”

I don’t know if this is an issue with Hookmark or the Advanced URI plugin. I think I noticed it about a week ago.

The AppleScript for the Obsidian New Item script is somewhat above my pay grade, but I think there’s a double encoding of the title going on.

When I comment out the encoding on line 88 it seems to fix the issue:

if prefUrl is "obsidian-advanced-URI" then
	set urlKey to "advanceduri"

	-- An invalid value for com.cogsciapps.hook integration.obsidian.URL.scheme  has been set. There, we present the following options and set the default here.

	-- set encodedTitle to theString's stringByAddingPercentEncodingWithAllowedCharacters:charset

	set callbackURL to callbackURL & "?src=" & encodedSrc & "&urlKey=advanceduri&plusencoded=yes"

Thank you for reporting this issue and help debug the problem!

We just updated our script server with the fix, script version 298.

Thank you