Observations about Hook with PDFpenPro

Excellent- much appreciated

Merry Xmas

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The new AppleScript for PDFpenPro integration that I’ve sent to @LucB today should allow for precise scrolling in PDFpen Pro to the position of the selected text or PDFpen imprint when the deep link is initiated. Here’s a quick screencast I’ve just recorded: http://dr.apparentsoft.com/dSLi60


That looks perfect and apparently works with multiple links to the same PDF - thank you


That is a feature, not a bug. The name of a bookmark in Hook is always associated with the entire document. So if you change the name of a bookmark in one place, that change is reflected everywhere. In the future , Hook will support displaying many bookmarks to the same PDF as such. But in this round, the display is more global.

With respect to Copy Link, Hook supports manifold bookmarks to the same PDF document (so you can get multiple links to different parts of the same document.

Apart from any bug fixes, our priority on deep PDF linking front will be to support more PDF readers (as long as they have the requisite API).

But might a user likely want to distinguish among multiple bookmarks to the same document, i.e. “My Book- Chapter 1”, “My Book - Chapter 2”, and “My Book - References” ??


Most definitely.

BTW I tried the AppleScript support in PDFPenPro yesterday. While it can’t inject bookmarks it definitely can enable me to simulate them - as you can turn to a specific page in Applescript, having loaded a PDF.

I don’t know if anyone here can help me pursue conversations with Smile to extend the capabilities of PDFPenPro (and I realise I’m way off topic).

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the issue referenced is not with respect to Hook. I.e., I don’t think there is a bug in Hook with respect to deep PDF handling (neither in the script or the underlying code). Our script and Jacob’s script have the same effect, but solve the problem in a slightly different way – Jacob’s seems more efficient. We’ll release an update based on it.

We do acknowledge that providing additional support for deep linking in the Hook window would be helpful. Our first priority with respect to deep linking, based partly on requests we have received from customers, will likely be to add support for additional PDF apps rather than expanding the deep linking UI. However we do also plan to expand the deep linking UI. Having said that, the main use case is still pasting deep links outside of Hook in contexts that make them meaningful and significant.

Hi - I see you sent out an email to users today discussing the Deep PDF linking with PDFpenPRO.

At least on my Big Sur computer, it still does not work. I can only create one PDF link per PDF. Has anyone else been able to get it working with mutiple deep links to the same PDF?

I got the impression that was what was on offer - a single link into the PDF. Hence my ‘I’ll simulate bookmarks/hooks (“hookmarks”?) :slight_smile: ) a different way’ response.

My understanding is that multiple hooks in the Hook Search app would not work for the same PDF but multiple links/bookmarks to different pages in the same PDF either do work or shortly will work. Am I mistaken?

I hope you’re not mistaken but that I am.

Update: I got a Drafts draft with Markdown links to 2 spots in a PDF working - via Hook. So you’re right. (I might well automate some of this - once I truly get the hang of Hook.)

cf. Hook integration scripts v.147 now available — Updates for Notes, Drafts, Bear, PDFpenPro - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum


That works really well

Many thanks!

Happy new year to all


I looked at the URLs generated (in Drafts) and I see the page number encoded in plain text and it got me thinking…

… Is there a downside to confecting URLs to specific pages using that? My process would be to generate a Proper hook URL to Page 1 of a PDF in PDFPenPro and then hack the URL for any other page number my code identified?

That way I could connect a Drafts draft with a (h4) section for each section of a PDF, with a hookmark to that section’s first page. All programmatically.

I purchased an Upgrade to PDFPen Pro 12 because of an email from Hook announcing a linking to a specific section of a PDF. Thus far, after upgrading both Hook & PDFPenPro12, the only link I can get is to the Filename in the Finder?

Am I missing any steps to actually getting a “DeepLink”?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @pchand, and thanks for asking.

To get a deep link, you need to select some text in the PDF. cf: Hook 2.2 Release Notes – Hook . The name of the link is the filename, not the selection. (We might change that to be filename/selection. But please keep in mind that in the context of the Hook window, hook updates the names of bookmarks to files when it detects that those names are changed in Finder. Obviously, the pasted link names won’t be updated).


First of all, Happy New Year and thank you for such a rapid response on a Weekend day from the West Coast (I live in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON).

The Hook Link only takes me to :
a) The Filename of the PDF in the Finder.

This occurs whether I paste the Link (derived from a Command Shift Space or using the Contextual Menu Bar approach) in

a) a To-Do App,
b) TextEdit,
c) or leave it in Hook’s Bookmarks.

The File itself does not open with an activation of the link nor does the PDF inside PDFPenPro12 scroll to the Deeplink site EVEN if the file is already open inside PDFPenPro12 and the application is running / at the forefront with no other apps running.

As a Medical Doctor, it would be super useful for me to create a Database of Hyperlinks to existing PDFs of Medical Articles, Billing Code Books, Chapters/Sections of Current Reading Materials, etc.

It is unimportant how the UI inside Hook is accessed as long as the actual link to the PDF is to a specific location.
Bidirectionality of the link is also unimportant in many of these cases.

This would be my case-use for Hook that currently is only available in a limited way inside applications like EverNote, DevonThinkPro, Curio, and perhaps TinderBox.

Pankaj Chand

That is precisely my use case as well - and it works extremely well for that purpose.

Are you actually highlighting some words when you create the link? That is necessary- you cannot simply put the cursor somewhere in the PDF but rather you have to highlight some text before you create the link.

Hi Richard,

I tried it again after your email and the result is still the same.
I was aware that I needed to highlight a piece of text (works similarly in Gmail as well as many other linking applications). Clicking on the Link where I paste it only highlights the filename in the Finder directory where the file is located without opening the file, scrolling to the section.

Do you think it may have something to do with other Applications running in the background preventing Hook or PDFPenPro12 from receiving the Invocation?

I am jealous that you have this working as it would be a huge boon for me to deconstruct sections of Kindle books, other PDFs, and make my own X-linked database from Pictorial Links (MindMapping) like the hyperlinkable body parts on this website: https://www.wheelessonline.com/

I am hoping to create my own Information Infographic Mindmap on my own Domain with Crosslinks to everything using Cloud URLs, local filelinks with Hook, EverNote and DevonThinkPro links, etc.


I should mention, I am still running Mojave 10.14.6 and older versions of EverNote 7.14 as I found updating many of these problematic as my ScanSnap software wasn’t updated with Catalina and therefore the perpetual nuisance of working things breaking down meant I spent more time fixing my broken computer software links than actually being productive.