nvUltra supported

On Friday, we updated the Integration Script server to support nvAlt. (Hook scripts version 60).

So if you’re one of the lucky people who are beta testing nvUltra (the successor to nvALT), then you are in luck. Checking for updates in Hook automatically installs the latest integration scripts, so you don’t need to do an update to the entire Hook app (and at this point we have not yet released a new build of Hook containing this support).

Currently, nvUltra uses the file system instead of its own database to organize its notes, so notes don’t have a persistent UUID, and links depend on name and path, which can change.

But please keep in mind that nvUltra is in beta, so its functionality may change. Build 26 has updated URL support. Having said that, we are in communication with the developers ( Brett Terpstra and Fletcher Penney) about integration with Hook. They see the value of Hook, and we recognize the value of nvUltra. So, we will track nvUltra, updating Hook accordingly.

Any news as to how the integration with nvUltra is evolving since July 14? I am interested as I hope to be able to migrate from nvALT to nvUltra hopefully by the end of the month if the release date is still end of August. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Welcome to Hook productivity forum, @haberjr.

I used nvALT daily, and now nvUltra daily. I think Hook integration of latter is on a par with former. However, we’ll have a more systematic check and if necessary update the integration before nvUltra’s formal release.

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Fantastic, your commitment to maintain compatibility with nvUltra is laudable. Hook Pro is making a major difference for me in my daily workflow. It saves oodles of time. Thank you!

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