nvUltra disappearing?

I think I’ve found a buglet:

  • If nvultra (running Version 1.0.0 (39)) is set to show only a menubar icon (Preferences > General > Behavior, then it will disappear when invoking hook (I use the default key strokes Shift-Command-Space)
  • if the behavior is to have a menubar icon AND a dock icon, then nvUltra stays open when the hook window opens …

Anyboday have the same thing hapening?

I would expect this behaviour with any menu bar item as it’s not running an application with windows in the same way (by my understanding anyway).

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Still happening on nvUltra Version 1.0.0 (2022.

I can replicate this with and without using Hook. Spotlight and LaunchBar don’t cause nvUltra to disappear. Disappearance seems to be triggered by running the AppleScript. I can replicate it without Hook by

  • invoking nvUltra window
  • using spotlight to run an app compiled from Script Editor that includes a line of AppleScript that interacts with nvUltra