Noteplan Integration Assumes Last Opened Window

When I invoke Hook with multiple Noteplan windows open, it shows only the most recently opened window (even if I have another window in focus). What it “feels” like from this user’s perspective is that Hook assumes that I want to link to the most recently opened Noteplan window even if a different window is in focus when I invoke Hook. I can reliably repeat this behavior by opening any note in a new window, switch back to the main Noteplan window, and then using the Hook keyboard shortcut. It will show the window I had just opened.

Noteplan is able to distinguish between its own windows in its own menus (for example, if I use “Note->Copy Link to Note” in Noteplans menu, it works properly with different windows in focus). This makes me think that maybe it’s an issue with the Hook integration. But without knowing all the details, it’s hard to tell. I also emailed the Noteplan developer about this.

At first glance this looks like a problem with NotePlan. Which version are you running?

Noteplan 3.0.23, Hook 3.1. The Noteplan developer seems to think it’s a Noteplan issue also—he said that Noteplan doesn’t currently distinguish between open windows. Thanks for the reply!


Thanks for the insight, @stevelw . And thanks @jafish for communicating back with the community here.

I’ve moved this into Help category based on the above. (I think there are quite a few posts in the Bug category that we are behind on marking resolved, or moving.)