NotePlan 3 (no text based hyperlink with Hook App links)

When I use Hook App to copy a link from Things 3 and insert it in Apple Notes, then I get a nice text based hyperlink back to Things 3.

For instance, when I copy this project from Things 3

Then I get this awesome text based hyperlink in Apple Notes:

The same goes for copy a project to Obsidian / Dynalist and so on. However, when I copy a link to NotePlan 3 it looks like this:

Since I link back and forth a lot, this non-text-based hyperlink is a dealbreaker for me. And it has stopped me from testing NotePlan 3 any further (which is a shame because its such a promising productivity app).

Question: Is it the developer of NotePlan 3 that has to make an update or can you guys develop a script for NotePlan 3, so Hook App can insert text-based hyperlinks in NotePlan 3 as in Apple Notes, Dynalist, etc. ?

@Hamilkar I don’t really know the answer to your question. But I use NotePlan all the time, and Hook with it. When I copy a link to NotePlan it looks like this:


Is that the format you are expecting? That’s the basic link if you copy it. If you copy the same link as a markdown link you get:

[Cognition 2022](noteplan://x-callback-url/openNote?fileName=1%20Top%20Priority/Cognition%202022.txt)

which will show up in a markdown compatible app something just like you want.

[Cognition 2022](full URL of link) which will display a wee bit differently depending on the MD friendly app you are using … but will definitely show up as a text-based hyperlink. If you are not using a MD savvy app then you may run into problems.

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Okay, I’ve just tested this with Notes … which is not markdown friendly. The screenshot below shows how copying a MD link appears, followed by simply copy as link. As you can see copy as link does exactly what you want. So I’m not sure how you obtained your link as in the example above it doesn’t even look like a link to NotePlan, but perhaps a link to something in DevonThink (this is only a guess on my part).

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As far as I know, NotePlan’s text input field is plain text. I don’t think there’s a way to paste formatted RTF or HTML links in NotePlan. but you can paste Markdown links in there. Hook’s Copy Markdown Link is there for this kind of app and for Markdown more generally.