No way to see if an item has a Hook link?

My Hook trial period has ended, and I like Hook overall, but one thing makes me hesitate to go into it.

As far as I see, there is no indicator of whether or not an item has a Hook link, so when I have an item before me, I have to think about whether it has a Hook link or not, or what links it has.

So it will be really nice to have such visualization.

For example, I appreciate that Trickster is now integrated with Hook, showing a Hook icon if it has a Hook link. But I can’t benefit from this feature since I mostly work within DEVONthink 3, and Trickster doesn’t show the Hook icon for the items in DT3.


thanks, @David_H. That is in fact a request we receive. we have tested variants of this in house We’re working on a couple of big things at the moment, one of which will make it possible to build it in an elegant way.

I’ve moved the topic into the Feature Requests category.

If I wonder, I just click the item, and then activate Hook via Shift+Command+Space and if there are no links, nothing is listed.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @jaywigley .
Yes, at first , on any given item, there is nothing listed. It’s a bit like Spotlight or a launcher that way. Except with spotlight and launchers you need to search to see something. With Hook use see what you’ve hooked to an item.

You can also see Pinned and Recent items if you’ve enabled that in the “Sections” section of General Preferences Tab – Hook.

You can also switch to search mode, ⌘F, and search for anything you’ve bookmarked. Bookmarking is automatic on Copy Link etc.