No Pro features available in trial mode

Hi. I just downloaded your app. It sounds really great. I can copy links fine, but I can’t link any apps together. The “Hook to copied link” is greyed out. I looked into the about window and it says my trial version is valid until April 13, but it also says “Hookmark Basic” and in another place (that I can’t find at the moment) it says I need to buy a license to gain access to greyed out functions.

Your website says that all pro features are available during a trial. Just the copy link alone is great and has me considering buying it, but I really would like to be able to try the other features before I buy. Anything I can do to enable them for the rest of my trial?


Ah, I found it. Here you can see it says just basic mode is active and I need to buy to unlock the other features. But this is only my first day of the trial… I just downloaded it an hour or so ago.

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @6h6i1qu9 .

Sorry about this issue. Yes, all PRO features should be available in Trial version. Obviously there is a bug there.

“Hook to copied link” button is only enabled when there is a valid URL in the clipboard and this URL hasn’t been link to the current bookmark. You can mouse over the button and see if there is any valid URL in the clipboard in the tooltip.

If you do “copy link” on a file, then go to a different file, invoke Hookmark window, is “Hook to copied link” enabled?

Also, could you please click on the sandwich button and take a screenshot of its menu, and post it here? I would like to see if the PRO features are enabled.

Thank you

Ok. I opened the email to me about your reply and pulled up hookshot. I called up the menu and I selected copy link. Then I moved to nvALT and created a new file called “test hook”. I called up hookshot, and this is the menu

Thank you, @6h6i1qu9 .

I can see it is in basic mode. In basic mode, “Copy link” is still available for web pages and emails.

Something happened. We will have a look. But we don’t have a quick solution.

You can try it in a VM or a different mac.

Sorry about this.

Well I don’t have a different Mac and I don’t know how to set up a VM, so I guess I have to wait.

I really want to try the app out fully, so let me know if there is anything I can do to help debug this. Feel free to email me.

Thank you, @6h6i1qu9 . And so sorry about this.

Thank you for offering the help for debugging. Could you please send a screenshot of Hookmark about window to

Thank you