No linkable item found in nvUltra

As the subject line says, Hook is no longer picking up nvUltra notes. I’m on 3.3.2 (because 3.4.x is crashing at the moment for me).

Any ideas? I can see the nvUltra scripts.

As far as I can tell, other apps are working fine.

per our subsequent emails, and for the info of others, the AppleScript changed a bit for nvUltra.

Here’s a script that avoids No linkable item found in nvUltra. But we’ll need to update the Get Name script or include the address in the script.

tell application id "com.multimarkdown.nvUltra"
	set _win to window 1
	return note link of _win
end tell

Hi @LucB , this helps, although it’d be nice to have the name, as you say!

Thanks, @raghos . correction. It was in version 192. Sorry I forgot to mention it in release notes yesterday. will do. If you remove your override of the script, you’ll get the latest. It handles the name too.

Ah, had just missed the update! Thank you!

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