No linkable item found in Nitro PDF Pen Pro

I just downloaded PDFPen Pro for the first time after its acquisition by Nitro (used it forever when with Smile). I’m trying to decide whether I want to re-up my license, specifically for deep linking. I’ve been able to get that to work with Skim but prefer to have a PDF solution that runs across devices (not specifically for links, just generally being able to read a given PDF anywhere and have it sync).

I’ve seen in the forums here that maybe there are issues with deep linking, but then also seeing CogSci saying it’s all good. Well, I just highlighted a random point in a PDF file in the trial version of PDFPen Pro and get “no linkable item found.” I can’t imagine it’s because it’s a trial version, since that just adds the watermark. I assume I am being completely stupid and missing something. I found a similar topic in the forum from Feb 2021 but that doesn’t help my situation.

Any thoughts?

Ok, update. I’m now just clicking around any app in my system and get no linkable item everywhere. How do I fix this? Reinstall Hook? System Preferences gives Hook access in all the places I think it should. Confused now…

a restart got Hook recognizing things. But deep links don’t work with nitro, at least for me. I just did a dozen links and always ended up on the first page of the PDF.

is it the case that Hookmark Preferences window → General Reveal hook://file link targets in Finder(rather than opening them) is enabled? If so, please disable it.

Also, using Nitro PDF Pro, assuming No linkable item found in Nitro PDF Pen Pro has gone away, could you please select text in a PDF, and do Copy Link, and paste it here.
Then select the text here and click the </> button to put it in a code block.

I’d like to see whether you are getting a deep link.

Thank you.

  1. This is the general set of debugging tips for No Linkable Item in … – Hookmark

  2. otherwise, this might be relevant:

I think the issue may have been that I was highlighting and then trying to link (remember some issue about that re Skim somewhere). But I figure I might as well deep link with Skim anyway, since I can’t deep link on an iPad anyway. And I much prefer PDF Expert’s UI, though I dislike Readdle’s stance on deep linking (among other things). Thanks for the tips!

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