No Linkable Item Found in Hook

I have an rtf document, saved previously to the Desktop, and re-opened with TextEdit, and definitely with the focus.

I click the Hook Menubar icon and get the message “No linkable item found in Hook”

I’ve read the help page for No Linkable Item and can’t see the cause of my problem there.

I also note that the message says “…. In Hook” not “…. In TextEdit”. Hopefully that’s a pointer to my problem.

TextEdit is in the Privacy->Automation list for Hook.

I’m in my first Hook session and have successfully linked a webpage, an Apple note and an .md document created with TextMate.

I have had another issue of multiple slow responses (e.g. 2 mins) to clicking the Hook infinity symbol on the menubar. I don’t have the problem now clicking around my 3 item test set.

Help from any source gratefully accepted.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @DaffyR. and thanks for writing in about this. What version of macOS are you using? (And hardware: Intel or M1?)

I have a 2mo Mac Mini so … Big Sur and M1.

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Additional info

I have discovered that the rtf document for which I was unable to create a link when the document was open (saved/unedited) in TextEdit is linkable as a (closed) file in Finder.

I have the same issue (and solution) for pdf’s opened in Preview.

I’m glad to have discovered this workaround as it’s only a minor inconvenience to close a document before creating the link and I can now plough on with my exploration of Hook.