No linkable item found in Agenda

Having trouble getting a link to a Note in Agenda.

Diagnosing the issue, I’ve confirmed that the Agenda shortcut (Command-Shift-L) works fine to get the Note URL on its own. The problem is when Agenda is active.

I’ve also used both KeyCastr and Shortcut Detective, and I discovered that the moment I hit my Hook key command (Command-Option-Control-Shift-[), it immediately invokes Command-Option-Control-Shift-L instead of Command-Shift-L, so I don’t get a result.

I know Keyboard Maestro is not the culprit, because I’ve disabled the KM Engine explicitly. I also disabled my Hyper key as configured with Karabiner Elements. And I checked the Keyboard Shortcuts under the System Preferences, and nothing is in conflict.

Anyone else getting this behavior?