Ninox Database Integration

Any chance you will integrate Ninox Database linking?

Thanks for asking @arthurwerry, and welcome to the Hook productivity forum. Ninox Database a web app or Mac app?

If a Mac app, it would normally require some automation, per Hook Integration. If not, we’d need to get in touch with them for support, per Contacting developers of other apps – Hook.

we’ll have a look.

I had landed on their team page.

I see they have a Mac app for individuals. I’ve contacted the developers asking them for their AppleScript dictionary , JavaScript API if any, etc.

For comparison: Hook integrates out of the box with Base 2 (by Menial), and DB Browser for SQLite.

example usage of Hook

While I’m at it, I’ll mention a use case for Hook: I drafted my message to the developers in a .txt file, copy/pasted it to their online form which I submitted; then I Hook-linked the .txt file to their website and this topic page. ditto for the new entry in our issue tracking system. So I can quickly navigate between them.

(We’ve previously indicated on the forum that 2-degree links will (optionally) be visible in the Hook window in upcoming release of Hook; so users won’t need to fully mesh these links manually. But even today, users can navigate the link network in Hook window itself )

Thank you so much for looking into this. I’m telling all my friends and family how helpful Hook is for me.

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