News: Hook officially launches, exiting beta

We are pleased to confirm, that as we pledged last week, Hook today has officially exited the public beta phase, into the realm of official 1.0 release.

The new build available today (Version 1.0 (2552)) does not contain new features or bug fixes, but a nomenclature transition. We paced our development and releases to keep Hook stable. We are working on changes to be introduced imminently, and on bigger changes that we will introduce more gradually.

We remain grateful to all users who tried Hook out during the public beta. We are pleased to welcome a new round of users who had been waiting for this day, or who just recently discovered Hook.

prMac will publish a press release about Hook any minute now, excerpts of which are already on the Hook blog.

As CEO of CogSci Apps, I would also like to publicly congratulate our developers and webmaster.

Also, as you know, many apps simply work out of the box with Hook. We continue to discover compatibility (For instance, a user pointed out to me this week that he uses Hook with Mellel and Nisus writer.) Others we (and our users) are able to customize without changes from third-party developers. And in some cases third party developers have made changes to ensure that their users could link their apps’ resources. I would like to thank all third-party app developers who support the automation from which the entire Mac community benefits. We will be checking out many apps, extending the reach of Hook, and getting in touch with fellow developers when needed.

On that topic: we will soon update the Integration script server with support for the excellent, new nvUltra app (successor to nvAlt), with thanks to Brett Terpstra. I’ve been using the beta since the beginning and am now enjoying Hook with it.


@LucB — Congratulations to you and the team on the launch of Hook!

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Thanks, Tim!

And to everyone on forum, FYI, Tim runs where he provides productivity workshops, consulting and e-learning services on OmniFocus , Evernote and more. He also runs . Tim generously provided feedback about Hook in the private beta phase last year, and of course in the public beta.

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