New UI of Raycast Extension for Hookmark

Hey, friends of Hoomark! I created this extension based on the AppleScript of Hoomark 5.0.2 (no latest version, any sponsorship :sweat_smile:). Once the update has been merged into the Raycast store, you can experience this plugin Extension Link.

Three commands

  • Search Hookmark
  • Copy Hookmark Link
  • Hook to Copied Link
  • Show Hooked Link (attention: this will make current active window to a bookmark)

Action panel

Show Hooked Bookmarks


How to use it? It says “Hookmark is not running”, then I click on it to open Hookmark, then the cycle repeats.

Hi @jvictorcabral. You can try Cmd+R to reload it or close raycast main window and run Search Hookmark manually. Once the Hookmark is launched, the warning “Hookmark is not running” will disappear. It would be great if I can reproduce the irritating cycle.
P.S. In the latest version, the main raycast window will be closed automatically after you click “open hookmark”. I hope this can avoid the cycle.