New Trickster Integration with Hook

Trickster 3.8.1, released yesterday, now has integrated support for Hook. They also have introduced similar integration with Devonthink, Alfred, and Launchbar.

This is a really nice new feature.


Here’s some information on the Trickster + Hook integration, which was actually introduced in 2020: Trickster App by Apparent Software Now Shows You Which Files Have Hooks: Click Its New Hook Icon to Invoke Hook, or Use a Shortcut – Hook.

Here’s a video uploaded recently by @jacob regarding How to add a filter for "Hook"ed files in Trickster (Hook for Mac integration) - YouTube.

Latest Trickster also has DEVONthink integration ! Trickster and DEVONthink integration instructions - YouTube.


Here’s the release notes of latest Trickster copied from the app:

NEW: Integration with DEVONthink (optional). This integration enables Trickster to track the documents you open in DEVONthink and then open these documents back in DEVONthink when you ask to open them in Trickster. Instruction are available through Trickster’s main menu (bottom-right button in Trickster’s window) or browse to DEVONthink and Trickster integration - Docs - Apparent Software Forum.

NEW: Add menu items in Integrations menu for Hook, Launchbar and Alfred articles in user manual, in addition to the DEVONthink one.

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