New screencast: Hook Mac app overview

We’re getting some new users from our MacStories sponsored post: Hook: Find Without Searching.

So if you’re new to Hook or want a refresher, Hook user Lee Garrett , of My Productive Mac has produced a helpful new screencast. It lives

The final slide alludes to:

  • Copy links to almost anything (not only web pages, but files, emails, etc!), with the same simple convenient command, regardless of the type of item!
  • Use those links anywhere (notes, todo lists, calendars, etc.)
  • Create two way links (“hooks”). Pop up the Hook window on almost any item (files, web pages, projects, etc.) and instantly navigate to the linked item!
  • Link to specific locations within a PDF document (deep PDF links).
  • Share links with others, and save THEM time too.
  • Automatically bookmark when you ‘Copy Link’ or hook items together.
  • and more

Enjoy :slight_smile: .

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