New Kindle for Mac app: No linkable items found


Amazon are forcing users to update to their new Kindle for Mac app as they’re withdrawing ‘Kindle Classic’ at the end of this month.

The new app seems to be a straight port of the iOS version, so it looks slicker, but unfortunately loses some important features, such as decent keyboard support.

Worse, it doesn’t seem to interact with Hook at all: all I get is the ‘No linkable items found’ message, even on books which worked perfectly in the old version.

I’ve deleted all traces of the old and new versions of the app, then reinstalled the new. Then I did a completely fresh Hookmark install before rebooting. When I first tried to link to a Kindle book, it asked me to browse to the app location (it didn’t appear in the default list of applications), which I did.

Still ‘No linkable items found’, on books I know I have linked to before.

Hookmark has permission to open Kindle in Automation.

Trying to navigate through a bookmark created in the old version opens the Kindle new version, but doesn’t open the correct book.

Is there anything else I should try?


MacOS 14
Kindle Version: (1.311001)
Hookmark version 5.1.3 (5475) (Scripts version 295)

I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong, but just in case…

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Thank you for reporting this issue, @brookter .

The user interface of new Kindle app is different, which causes the problem. We will take a look.

Thank you


That’s great – thanks!

I’m having the same issue as @brookter . Thanks for looking into this!

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Unfortunately, it appears that in this new version of Kindle Mac app, Amazon has stopped supporting its URL scheme (kindle://book) :frowning: . We do not currently see a work-around. The links that Hookmark created with the app have the title and location number, which one can use manually of course to get to the right book and location within it. Not nearly as convenient as just clicking on a link, of course.

It’s a big organization, but maybe they would listen:

Many years ago I wrote

and Kindle (coincidentally) improved their app.


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That’s disappointing, but thank you for investigating.

The new ‘improved’ app is nothing of the sort, of course: it’s just a clone of the iPad app so it doesn’t have the useful features of the old one, like sensible keyboard control.

Naturally, because the old one is still more useful, they’re withdrawing it at the end of the month…

Thanks again.