New documentation on Hook's keyboard shortcuts

Hook has many keyboard shortcuts, not all of which are obvious yet in the user interface. Some of the shortcuts show up only in the status bar.

We’ve created a new document containing a List of keyboard shortcuts for Hook commands. That document is an excellent way to get a quick overview of Hook’s capabilities.

In particular, please note that we provide shortcuts for

  • Revealing in Finder the item selected in ACCESS LINKED ITEMS (if it is a file): ⇧⌘R,
  • Copying all links (⌃C) in the ACCESS LINKED ITEMS section
  • Copying the selected link (⇧⌘C)
  • Copying the selected link in markdown format (⇧⌘M)
  • Linking the item selected in ACCESS LINKED ITEMS to the copied address (the one in the copy buffer, if any). (⇧⌘L or ⇧⌘V , because it’s like “pasting” a link onto the linked item)

I will later add hyperlinks between each of the these commands to the location in Help that documents it.

If you have any questions about any of this, please let us know. Also, please let me know if you feel we could document this better.

One of the subtle aspects of Hook is that some keyboard shortcuts operate on the item that is selected in the ACCESS LINKED ITEMS section, whereas others operate on the focal item (the context in relation to which you invoke the Hook window). For that reason, I’ve divided the keyboard shortcuts section into subsections.

I hope this information is helpful. And thank you for your participation and usage of the information.