New animation for Hookmark

We’ve commissioned a new 77 second 2D character animation in order to spread the word about Hookmark. We’d like to know what you think:

How would you explain the problem that Hookmark solves for you, what it does, and/or its benefits?


Nice Luc- I think that covered all the benefits and major use cases

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Good animation. You might consider a screen shot of the logos of apps that are working with Hookmark. It could quickly convey an association with software people know and use and also show the high level of acceptance with software suppliers.


Steps - Actions - Distance - Shortcut - Ease

While saving time is featured, saving steps or actions to get the result is left implied.

I could eventually find what I hook to without HM but why not have all I need at my fingertips? When it’s time to work, bring ease to the job. No hurry, no worry.

HM saves a lot of steps as in clicks, cursor movements, menu selections, app switches, and all the attention shifts to execute those actions. Why not take the minimun number of actions to get there? Why not shorten the journey? Slow down and enjoy the ride.

Take the shortest route between two points. Take the shortcut and make the trip easier.

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Give the key benefits right up front in a positive way. Hookmark offers bidirectional links to your files and web pages be more productive, and creative and have more time for learning new things.

At the end you are talking about saving time and brain energy, but I would first state what that benefit translates into. for example, more productive writing, learning, research etc.

See also your benefit page: Benefits of Using Hookmark – Hookmark

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I feel like the demo examples fly past too quickly to be useful or insightful.


Yes, I gree with this comment

I think that the essence is at 21": “with hookmark you can copy a link to any linkable item and paste it wherever you need to” –

I’d change

  • the “any linkable” to “almost any” as the former makes me wonder what it means.
  • the “wherever you need to” because I can’t necessarily paste it as a link on a message to someone else, on social media, etc.

So, I’d shorten it significantly (20-30" max) and keep the core down to something like: “With hookmark you can create, copy and store links to almost any document, email, or other item on your Mac. You can create your own personal web-like connections between content and applications.”

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Depends on your intended audience and placement but I think even 90 seconds would be ok.
Brief dead air between segments. It lets the brain have a second to “store” and says moving on.
As mentioned, @21" possible change to ‘almost any’. I would leave ‘linkable’ which means you can’t use almost.

Can rename & paste a link to be contextual?
Links save space vs attachments?
Brief highlight of use/functions of bookmarks window?