NetNewsWire integration scripts

Hi everyone, just some simple scripts to fetch the current article from the NetNewsWire RSS reader.

It “just” fetches the current article as a URL; hooked links won’t open in NetNewsWire but in your browser. But I imagine that’s probably sensible as articles aren’t kept permanently in NetNewsWire?

Get Address:

tell application "NetNewsWire" to get the current article's permalink

Get Name:

tell application "NetNewsWire" to get the current article's title

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Indeed. That’s how Hook works with ReadKit.

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Is this integration working with NetNewsWire 6? It seems to not be working for me on the updated version. When I run the script in the script editor I get a “Missing Value” error even though everything looks correct otherwise.

I just changed permalink to url and it seems to be working now. Maybe a change with the new version of NetNewsWire?

    tell application "NetNewsWire" to get the current article's url
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Thanks Marlowe — permalink does work in NNW 6 (I’ve just tried with 6.0.1) but I see now from the scripting dictionary that there isn’t always a permalink.

Here are the relevant lines from the dictionary, my emphasis:

  • permalink […] a permalink for the article, if known
  • url […] url for the article. This will be the permalink if available, or the external url

So given that permalink can fail, and url won’t fail but will give the permalink if available, I think it’s sensible to just use url in all cases.