N00b Alert-Copy Markdown URL to Devonthink

HI ,
How can I configure Hook to copy Markdown URL and create a new note in Devonthink with it

part 1. if you select an item in DEVONthink and do Copy Markdown Link that will work: Copy Markdown Link – Hook

also: Hook to New … (i.e., use the 3 dots option. And Choose DEVONthink.

In Notes Preferences Tab – Hook, > note templates > Default : choose DEVONthink 3 if you want.

see also Using Hook with DEVONthink by DEVONtechnologies – Hook

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the revert

I did this but the note which is created an empty note with title in the text of the note title itself but the body is empty, is there a way for me modify this behaviour ?

This works Fine

Hook Pro users can edit the DEVONthink “open item” integration script in Hook’s Script Editor to do anything supported by DEVONthink’s AppleScript automation. We do include the markdown link in some other items, like Drafts, Notes and OmniFocus. Either one of them are a good reference model. I think it may be good for us to do same in DEVONthink. (I’d have to look back at internal notes and forum posts as to why we didn’t do that for DEVONthink too, as nothing comes to my memory.) But yes users can adapt the “new item” script