My Human'22 ACM paper on the Cognitive Productivity framework, including Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking

I was delighted to present the opening keynote, as tweeted by Claus Atzenbeck, to HUMAN’22 - 5th Workshop on Human Factors in Hypertext #HUMAN22, and answer questions about the presentation. I was delighted also to attend presentations by Sean Haas, Ben Shneiderman, Lisa Eidloth, Daniel Roßner , Claus Atzenbeck, and other important contributors to hypertext.

The text (PDF and HTML) of my 2-page paper is now available in the ACM (Association for
Computing Machinery) proceedings: On applying integrative design-oriented cognitive science to hypertext | Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Human Factors in Hypertext.

This is one of the first academic publications to mention the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking which was published in Dec laster year. We’re planning more papers on this. My talk will soon be available on YouTube.

I presented a framework for applying cognitive science in the development of hypertext software. That’s what our [CogSci Apps inventions] do. ( Hook, mySleepButton, and new upcoming software).

So if you’re interested in integrative, theoretical and cognitive science applied to hypertext (whether for productivity, health or other), I hope you’ll have a read of this very brief paper, and share with your colleagues, students and/or network :slight_smile: .


Claus points out they are available for free for a limited time:

unless your library subscribes of course