Multiple selection of links etc

I am a relative newcomer to Hook, but already an ardent fan. It’s an odd app, that does something very useful and unique, but is surprisingly hard to apprehend at first sight. Part of making it more digestible is to keep as much standard Apple behaviour as possible within the Hook interface. With this in view I have a couple of feature suggestions.

• It would help to be able to select (and where appropriate, act on) multiple links in the list in the Hook window, e.g. to be able to make multiple deletions. Is there any reason why Shift-click for a range or Command-click for non-contiguous selections could not be implemented?

• Similarly, there is currently no way to select all links associated with an item: with the Hook window in focus, could it respond to Command-A?

• There is already a Reveal in Finder command in the menu, but in many Mac contexts Command-double-click will open the enclosing folder of the selection, which is essentially the same thing. (Items that don’t have an enclosing folder, e.g. web pages, would simply beep or do nothing.)


thanks, Nick. I agree, Hook needs these features.

That’s been our biggest challenge. We have a backlog of “onboarding” improvements to make. In 1.5 (currently only hold) ,we have renamed commands to help with onboarding. We’ve also updated the (homepage) to explain and illustrate (with animated GIFs) specifically what Hook does.

We are now also emphasizing the Copy Link paste anywhere function. It’s quite handy. And explaining / understanding Hook to Copied Link (was " Link to Copied Address") is surprisingly tricky – we hope the new nomenclature and animations (and revised screencasts to come) will help. Hopefully, as the word gets out about Hook, other websites will discuss it more, and do the job of illustrating it for us. (Last year some bloggers independently did screencasts of Hook which helped.)