Muiti-Scale Planning and Hook to New with Custom Template


I have been trying to use Multi-scale planning as recommended by Cal Newport.

Pretty much, you have a values document that use to make quarterly plans that you used to make weekly plans that you use to make daily plans.

I’m trying to set it up to where I could be on my quarterly plan and hook to new via a custom template that I have for my weekly plan. However, when I do that, it changes the same of the template to my quarterly plan’s document title.

Any recommendations for how I might set up my workflow for this?

PS, I’m currently creating the documents within Bike.


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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @rrobinson. thanks for asking about that.

I don’t see how Hookmark could do that. The new document’s name is based on the original document’s name. It does not change the name of templates or of the source.

Could you share a brief video?

you might be interested in the Hook to New As... command to, which gives you control of the new document’s name.

Hey. Thanks, @LucB.

Here is a video of me trying to do this and what happens. I think is what you were asking for.

First time I’ve uploaded a video like this. So, forgive me. At the end, I wasn’t able to figure out how to stop the recording (you can stop watching at ~40 seconds in).

I think I’m using the Hook to New as... command and it’s changing the title of the template. I’m pretty sure I’m missing something that should be obvious! Sorry and thanks for the help.

Thank you.
It seems that the video is unavailable.

When you do Hook to New as…, you can change the title of the new created document, the template name is not affected.

You should be able to do the video now. Sorry.

Can you see what I’m not doing right there? Not sure why I’m missing what you are talking about.

Thank you for the video.

You are doing the right thing. There is some confusion here.

Currently, when you do Hook to New…, Hookmark takes the name of the document on which Hookmark is invoked, and apply the name to the newly created document. It does not take the original template’s name. But I can see you would prefer the template’s name is used instead.

Yeah. I’d like for the option for it to not be what I’m hooking from, sometimes. :slight_smile:

Am I right that currently that isn’t able to happen with Hookmark? That is, it will always name the new document with the source document’s title?

Thanks for your help with this!

You are right about this.

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You can do that — just hold the option key and use “Hook to new as…”


Thanks. This connected the dot for me. I’m just going to create a typinator expansion that takes care of the naming quickly. Thanks.

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