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Hookmark is not showing all my bookmarks for some reason. As. you can see from the screenshot there is 18 bookmarks but the list (or table view) only shows 7. It’s like the listing is stale. If I add a bookmark the “All Bookmarks” count will increment but the list will not show them. I have no filters or search set that I can tell. And the recent list will show the new bookmark but not this list. Any tips? Bug? Silly Human error? Thanks in advance.

I think I experienced a similar bug. What happens when you search for one of the bookmarks that aren’t shown?

For me, it is found and then shows in the list afterwards.

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Sorry about this issue. I can reproduce this issue. We will fix it.

Just want to make sure, if you restart Hookmark, will those bookmark show in Bookmark window?

Thank you

Affirm. A restart does fix the issue.

@bchend - recent Pro subscriber and going through the forums to get up to speed. Do you have an update on this bug fix? I have the same behavior as documented above.

Additionally - My ‘recents’ seems to have all bookmarks whereas ‘all’ bookmarks only contains a subset. This may be expected behavior due to some sort of save-action I haven’t yet come across?

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Sorry about this issue. It will be fixed in next release(6.2).

Thank you

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