Mirroring hooked list inside of text file

Good afternoon, what do you think of this idea?

If the hooked item is a plain text file (txt, markdown)… it could be very interesting to keep a mirrored (appended) list plain text list of hooked items Titles and its URIs TO that file on the end of it.

So if would be easy to keep a .TXT or Markdown file as a bookmark manager of sorts.

Thank you very much

I think the idea is good.

You can actually go to Hookmark action menu ->Copy All Hooked Links, and paste the result in the file.

Thank you

Thanks for the answer, @bchend!

I could sum my suggestion as something like: it would be interesting to have access to the hookmark link graph in a more textual manner. I noticed the “copy all hooked links” function, but maybe it could be set up to be automatic in some way… im not sure what would be the best … The truth is, i’m thinking about obsidian integration… the user has all those .md files, if we could use them automatically as repository of links, it would be great. Maybe this could be setup for all textual files (.TXT, .MD) in a global setting. Or maybe this could be setup on a per-file basis… so it could be automatically appended under a “# Hookmark links” Level 1 markdown heading at the end of the file, every time a new hook is created regarding that file.