Mimestream integration

We’re getting requests for Mimestream | A native macOS email client for Gmail integration, such as

michael on Twitter: “Hi @LucCogZest :slight_smile: Any plans to support @mimestream email client in @HookProductvT ?” / Twitter

We haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

Anyone interested in digging to see if they have an API, and if not: Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hook


Or if you want that integration, please vote by liking this topic, and sharing it on Twitter and other social media.

Thank you.


Yes! I am using mimestram as my main email app! I sent email to developers as well.

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this was upvoted : Deep linking to conversations - Mimestream Roadmap | Product Roadmap, to which I replied.


Is there any chance this will be implemented? Or are you waiting for more support from the developer of this app?

We’re waiting for Mimestream to support it. Hopefully as they see that many users would like this, they will make their app URL friendly (like Mail.app and several other email apps already are).

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“Deep Linking to Conversations” is on the Planned list - https://portal.productboard.com/mimestream/1-mimestream-roadmap/tabs/4-planned

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Thank you, @redpizza . Great to know. And welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum .