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I just downloaded Hook thanks to a Reddit post. It just might be the Holy Grail researching tool I’ve been searching for. For each project I work on as a journalist, I need to create a central store (whether that’s a doc, database or whatever) that intuitively provides access to all of a project’s research and resources.

But I’m unsure about Microsoft Office compatability. Can you tell me if the following is true?

  1. Can I link to pages within Microsoft Word docs? Right now, I get this if I try invoking Hook in Word:

  1. Can I link to conversations in Microsoft Teams? Again, I just get the above when I try this.

  2. Ditto emails in Microsoft Outlook.

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The built in script links to entire documents. If you’re seeing No linkable item found in Word with the builtin script then please note:

Integration with Microsoft Office requires Office 2016 or Office 365. Hook is not necessarily qualified for Microsoft “Insider Fast Builds”, which are pre-general release builds. Microsoft says those builds are “Best for Insiders who […] don’t mind the bit of risk involved in using unsupported builds.”
Per : Linkable Mac Apps – Hook.

are you using an old version? If not, please check out: No Linkable Item in … – Hook (e.g., please ensure the document is saved before trying to link).

Hook is not currently qualified for Teams due to lack of linking.

Recent versions of Outlook are not linkable. Even prior to that, the linking for Outlook emails is based on message IDs which can change if you offload and reload emails.

Microsoft has indicated it would re-introduce AppleScript to Outlook (planned for July last time I checked). Many companies weren’t sure whether Apple was committed to AppleScript. However in June 2021, Apple clearly indicated that they are committed to AppleScript. (“Shortcuts” is not a substitute for AppleScript). Hence some Mac app vendors are now committing or recommitting to AppleScript.

There’s a bit more info on Using Hook With Microsoft Outlook – Hook.

And welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @randysparks. Glad to hear that Hook is being discussed on Reddit.

The latest update in current channel. Nothing clever.

Microsoft Office is my world as a professional journalist. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings with Hook.

Should work in your MS Word. Are your files in OneDrive? Microsoft has a spanner there too. For that, please see Using Hook in Microsoft OneDrive with Microsoft Office Apps – Hook.

If it’s not the issue then please refer to No Linkable Item in … .