Menubar Icon Window Says To Upgrade

My menubar Icon window says to upgrade my registered version of Hook. I looked at the "About " window. On the bottom it verifies that yes, I am a registered user. I bought a license for the pro version so there should not be any non working parts to Hook for me.

But, my menubar drop target window does not seem to have gotten the message yet. Thought this was worth mentioning.

Could be a bug, but alternatively do you have two copies of Hook running by accident?

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@levelbest, If the problem persists could you please send screenshots of Gear menu and About window to me as a PIM, or to ?

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No, just the one. Email has been sent to Luc now.

This can happen if Hook was running already before upgrading the license. Restarting Hook should solve the problem. Does restarting solve it for you?

Yes. Thanks. I had to quite a bunch of things I don’t use that are cluttering up my menu bar but, eventually I got to Hook and yes, the upgrade message is not there any longer.