Mathematica Palettes

I am running Mathematica 12.2 and have no trouble using Hook provided that there are no palettes open. I know that palettes are a problem for Hook since they can hijack to ficus, but they are an important feature of using Mathematica and shutting them down all the time to follow or create links is a pain.

Is there any way around having to close the palettes?

Thanks for asking, @Ian, and Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum . If there’s automation in Mathematica to

a. know that a palette is shown
b. hide/show palettes

then in principle one could automate closing then reshowing them, as part of some Hook integration.

A palette in Mathematica is just a notebook. So one could write a little function that closes all the palettes that are open, use Hook and then reopen what was closed. I don’t really use palettes, so I don’t have a complete solution, but as an example, to close the basic math assistant palette one could do:


Notebooks[] by itself gets a list of all open notebooks (and hovering over the resulting objects will provide the path needed to close them).

Not super elegant, but if you have the same set of palettes open this might be an easy way of quickly closing them for Hook to operate and then opening them back up.

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Thanks for your suggestion

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