Many-to-One Linking

I frequently have the case where I want to use one document (e.g., a Tinderbox document) as the nexus for notes from multiple web pages. If there were a “Link to Existing” option in the Hook window, that would be what I want to do, I think.

Any thoughts?

(What I do now: open Hook on a web page. Copy as Link or ⌘C. Browse in the file system to the target file. Open Hook. Link to Copied Address or ⌘L. Go back to Safari and locate the next web page. Repeat from beginning. It’s this back and forth between Safari and the file system that I’d like to avoid if possible.)

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Drag and Drop Linking: Many Items at a Time – Hook

One to many.

Currently, the many can only be files. So you drop the web URL, then drop the files. When you drop the second load, drop it on the bottom Drop Zone. (you should be able to drop on the menu bar icon itself, but I’ve just notice a case where that doesn’t work)

Thank your for your reply. I am afraid I didn’t explain my case very well. I have a single Tinderbox file which I use to collect notes over an extended period of days or months to collect notes about web sites. So the “many” are not files – they are web sites. The case here is that I do not want a new note file (Link to New) I want to link a site to an old note file. Thus, “Link to Existing”.

The method I posted above works, but it is more steps and more time consuming than what I did before Hook: just copy the URL, ⌘⇥ over to Tinderbox, create a note and paste the URL. So probably this is a case where Hook is not an advantage.

Oh! I think I see. Well, some uses for Hook there

would be:

  1. its “Copy as Link” on the website gives you a well formatted link that you can paste in your RTF note file (assuming you want the page name too).
  2. Also it allows you to link to other information that is not on the web, e.g., emails and OmniFocus tasks.
  3. when needed you can link the entire note to a website, but this is not necessarily helpful if you have a very long list of websites.

but I think you know all of the above by now.