Making hooks clickable in Google Sheets

When I paste a Link or a Markdown Link into Google Sheets, it isn’t clickable. Can someone help me either:

  1. make it a live, clickable link, or
  2. describe what kind of link I could paste that would make this work?

Trying to invoke “=HYPERLINK()” doesn’t work either. I know there must be an easy solution to this, I just can’t find it.

Thank you!

If I’m understanding, this problem is solved with the new Universal Link feature (Google blocks non-web links for security reasons)

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Thanks, @stevelw.

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @Seth. Copy As Universal Link and Copy as Universal Markdown Link are available if you click on Action ☰ button menu in title bar and hold down option key. The links only work in Safari. Apple introduced universal links, but other browsers have not yet adopted it.

The feature is described in Hookmark 5 Release Notes and Download Link – Hookmark . Making hooks clickable in Google Sheets - Discussion & Help - Hookmark Forum. We’ll publish a separate help page on this soon.

Thank you all so much for your responses. I do have Pro, but I must have missed the release notes.

One more thing! When I am in apple mail, option-command-c does not work. I would like to use the shortcut, but when I select it and try the shortcut, it gives me the little ‘blip’ error sound. I’ve looked all over for any conflicting shortcuts, and I can’t find them.


that’s strange. I tested again and it works for me. I wonder if some piece of software is intercepting the keyboard shortcut in Or perhaps you’ve configured that keyboard shortcut in itself to do something else. That gets configured in System Preferences.