Make "Show Hook window" shortcut a show/hide toggle

The Show Hook window shortcut (default ⇧⌘␣) behaves differently than most similar shortcuts. With Spotlight, OmniFocus, Alfred, and others, the “show …” shortcut is a toggle. Press the shortcut once, the entry window appears. Press again, the entry window disappears. With Hook, to dismiss the Hook window we have to press ⎋ (escape). For convenience, it would be useful if Hook adopted the “normal” toggling behavior for such shortcuts.


thanks for the tip, @quorm . I guess I was biased by my UNIX days (SunOS and Solaris) towards the escape key. (And LaunchBar which I use doesn’t seem to go away that way).

Consider it added to our todo list.

‘Toggle all the things’ seems a good cognitive principle – often gets close to halving the learning and processing costs :slight_smile:

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The key is so awkwardly placed though. I know some people remap their keyboards just to make TAB = Escape

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Thanks again, @quorm. This is now available in Hook 1.2 which we’ve just published

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