Make it easy to move newly created Hook Files/Notes

It would be nice if there was the option to automatically (/optionally, by pressing a modifier key) add a newly created Hook File (or maybe even Hook Note) to Yoink, so that I can then conveniently move it from the default Hook Files Folder to wherever I want to.

Alternatively, if using Forklift 3 (or Alfred, or any app which, unlike Finder, allows to cut/move files, instead of copying them), Hook could “cut” the newly created Hook file and open Forklift, where I could navigate to the target folder and paste the Hook File.

Or maybe (to achieve the above using only the Finder) Hook could simply tell Finder to copy the file, and then if I use the Finder to paste the file somewhere else and thus create a new copy thereof, Hook could automatically delete the original copy of the file…

Lots of great ideas. and to be sure Hook can generate a lot of files. And those files can be pertinent to different projects. One might switch frequently between projects too. That means that there are many different possible destinations for files created via Hook to New. Hook makes the user less dependent on filing, because one can access the file from items hooked to it.

Other tools can be used in conjunction with Hook:

  • Hazel is great for automatically moving files.
  • Many apps support Move To …
  • Default Folder X can be used to facilitate moving files around.
  • One can add project folders and smart folders to the Finder sidebar

Forklift lacks automation, so I’m not sure how you would automate it. However, Pathfinder does support AppleScript.

Hook also has a relatively universal (app-agnostic) Reveal File in Finder which makes it easy to move the current file around.

Hook 2.0 will introduce a search feature, making it easy to access recently hooked files. And we do plan additional features that will help with managing files.

Hazel has automation and Yoink has AppleScript. So one could write hazel rules to trigger an AppleScript or workflow that gets Hook-created files to be processed by Yoink.