Make Hook File shortcut stopped working


after the last Hook update (3.5) the “Make Hook File” (shift-command-H) doesn’t do anything anymore. Clicking on the menu does work, just the shortcut (although visible) isn’t working. Any ideas?

Thanks, Hans

my guess is that the 3.5 update is a coincidence. Still works fine for me and we haven’t taken it away. Plus it’s not configurable in Hook itself. In Hook’s keyboard shortcut preferences might you have assigned that key combination to do something else?

You could try looking in system preferences also.

Might something else have captured the keyboard shortcut? A new app? or another app update (one that works in the background)?

Also, it’s a pro feature, any chance your license expired before the update? (if you did an in app update, that wouldn’t be the case, i.e., you would have needed to download the version).

maybe a keyboard remapping?

arrgh, you’re right! I did set that as a shortcut in EagleFiler, which currently running constantly as it’s indexing around 150,000 files… Thanks!

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