"Make Hook File" Option Missing

For some reason Hook stopped offering “Make Hook File” from the GUI.

I can make a new hook file with the Shift-Command-H shortcut but not from the app interface itself. Any idea why? “About” says I have Hook Pro installed.


It’s in the Advanced menu. (And it’s only available in Pro mode.)

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OK I see what was confusing me - the option to Make Hook File exists only for the top or context item.

Is there any reason why this option could not also exist for items in the Recent or Pinned lists?

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Currently (a) simplicity and (b) wanting feedback from the user community about how they use these features.

Well as for how I use it and why this inquiry came about… I use the Recent and Pinned sections as bookmarks to various files or documents. For those items which I plan to refer to long-term, or where I want to organize them in some sort of quick-reference folder system, I create Hook files. Hazel moves those Hook files into my XMenu directory so they are now easily available in my menu bar and I can rearrange subfolder names and/or edit the name of the Hook files as desired.


in the upcoming version of Hook, Make Hook File is available throughout the UI. We’ve rounded out the UI / commands.