MailSteward and Hookmark

Archiving e-mails from different mail clients has become an important part of our professional or personal lives. I think many Hookmark users will agree with me that one of the best applications on the OSX platform for archiving mail is MailSteward. MailSteward has very extensive search capabilities via SQL. I currently have some MailSteward archives with more than 100,000 messages. However, it would be particularly nice if you could also point directly to a particular message in the database with Hookmark. Could that be possible in the future? Hookmark now reports that there are no linkable items in MailSteward. Are there any MailSteward users on this forum with the same question/want?

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Definitely would be handy. I didn’t see any automation or URL scheme. I’d recommend asking them: Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hookmark. If they have automation, then it would be simple for us (or anyone else) to add support in Hookmark for it. I imagine the best option is for them to return a URL that includes the RFC-5322 ID, to enable hooks created in other email apps to work for the same message(s) in their software.

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I couldn’t agree more and in fact emailed MailSteward back in July of 2020 but can’t find any response from them. I just re-sent it and included a link to your discussion here.

Maybe Luc’s pointer for the folks at MailSteward will help them?

Like you, Crossing My Fingers!


Hello all.

I’ve been a Hookmark user for a few years and have not been active in the forums. As a result, I’m limited to sharing only two links. To get around that, I’ve added a space on either side of the dot to break the auto detect links feature.

I ran into a similar issue with MailSteward not responding to emails.
In early April 2023, I bought a second license and when I entered the activation # they sent me via email, I got an error. Emailed them 3 times over the last 3 weeks, and got no reply. Not sure if they are out of town or on an extended leave, but after three weeks, I’m looking for another solution.

The crappy part is that none of their emails to me has a support email address or contact, and neither does their web site. WTH?!

As a result, I’m taking advice from this TidBits community Post and trying out MailBackupX and Mail Archiver X, and an open-source email archiving solution that has many enterprise features and is free (Piler).

I had never heard of Piler, but this alternativeto page (https://alternativeto . net/software/mailsteward/) had it as one of a number of options for email archiving.

The team behind the Piler also provides a commercial option (mailpiler . com) for service providers and enterprises, with additional features for that target market. They also provide a page that lays out the differences between the two versions (www.mailpiler . org/wiki/current:comparison-to-enterprise-edition).

Hope this helps others.

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