Mail Link Wont Open Mail but, Postbox

(Solved, SeeAdded”, below)

I am far to new to Hook to have an informed opinion as to this being a bug or not, so I am posting it here in the discussion pages. I just tried looking at a Mail message in Apple Mail, and copying the link.

Then I went to a main TaskPaper document and added that link just to test to see if Hook also works with email. Weirdly, it added the link but with a Postbox mail client icon. I had Postbox many years ago but have long since stopped using it. When I double clicked on the link, sure enough, my system started to open an old version of Postbox I still had on my drive.

It does not make sense that copying the link of a mail document as in, Apple Mail, should link to anything but that application. Apple Mail is currently set as my system default email application. It puzzles me that Hook was not able to understand this, or that Hook sought out a very old email platform such as Postbox to open the linked Mail message in.

Copying a Mail message link and having Hook decide it is a Postbox trigger, makes no sense. I think it is fair to report this as a possible bug.

ADDED: Oops. It appears that there was a preference setting that came as a default setting to Postbox. I don’t know why it would choose Postbox as it has been some years since I used it or upgraded it. Changing it to Mail fixed the problem so, not a bug after all.

It’s important to note that the link is to the email not to the mail client — if you sent that same link to someone who used Spark, it should open in Spark. It doesn’t matter which email app you copy from (as long as Hook recognises it’s a mail app). So you can send links to other people and they still work.

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Fair enough and, good to know. I am still trying to understand how Hook works. Until I discovered that Hook has a preferences setting as to which email app it uses to open the mail message, I was confused as to what it was doing. Now I know better.

Hook has an internal list of Mail apps that it supports, per . If it spots a non app, it defaults to it, assuming the userinstalled an alternative to Mail in order to use it.

When we turn the current welcome board into an installation Wizard, Hook will walk users through major settings, and will invite the user to select the correct default app.

Perhaps we should immediately add a slide in the Hook welcome board suggesting certain major configurations, or at least suggesting that the user peruse Hook’s preferences UI.

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