MacStories and Hook

MacStories is a daily publication about all things Apple that attracts millions of readers every month.

In a Club MacStories email in May (Issue 271), MacStories covered the release of Hook 3.0. MacStories managing editor, John Voorhees (@johnvoorhees), described Hook as a powerful way to retrieve exactly what you need when you need it.

I myself (Luc P. Beaudoin) subscribe to Club MacStories. I look forward to their weekly email because it always contains thoughtful insights relevant to the Apple ecosystem in which I am a passionate participant.

On Monday, we sponsored a blog post on MacStories about how Hook helps you find without searching.

Today, we published a responsive blog post about Hook on MacStories to expand on some of the themes in the original article. Some of the bullet points are comparative, to help newcomers understand Hook’s value proposition — and also to help them grasp the fundamental ideas of Hook.