macOS shortcut “Hook Selected Files Together” creates blank txt file

When I use the ‘Hook Selected Files Together’ macOS shortcut via a quick action .txt files are created in addition to the files being hooked together. Is this supposed to happen or is it a bug? I am only able to use the quick action vs the Finder Extension becuase we primarily use Dropbox which uses its own finder extension when right clicking.

Thank you for contacting us, @aelliott1285 .

Where does this .txt file created? Does it appear in hooked items? I think it is not supposed to happen.

Can I see this shortcut so it will help me to understand the problem?

Thank you

Well, I just tried to film an example of this happening and it looks like the problem is solved. I did replace the old ‘Hook Selected Files Together’ shortcut with a new copy of the shortcut from your website. So that may have fixed.