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I’m new to Hookmark and have installed Hookmark v6.0.1 I’m using MacOS 13.6.1 Ventura. Note that I install apps when in the admin account, but run things in a user account.

For some reason I cannot find or use the Hookmark Finder extension, despite looking in all the obvious places in the various library folders.

Can someone tell me where I can find it and if it’s not installed how I can install it.

If you go to System settings and search “Finder”, click on Finder Extensions->Added extensions, can you see Hookmark in the list? If yes, please turn it on. If it is on already, turn it off first then turn it on.

Thank you

Thanks for the response. I’ve done that but the Hookmark extension isn’t listed. For some reason it doen’t seem to have been installed when I installed Hookmark. I think it should be in the system library folder somewhere.

Hookmark extension is in the Hookmark app. Not sure system has done anything to it. Is your Hookmark in Applications folder?

Could you please run the following command in Terminal and see if it helps?
pluginkit -e use -i “com.cogsciapps.hook.FinderExtension”

Thank you

Thank you. Running the terminal command did it and I can now find the extension.

Most of the extensions with the .appex extension appear to be in : system/library/ExtensionKit/Extensions and I was expecting to find the Hookmark Finder extension there.

Still, it now works so all is good. Many thanks for the help.

Hello - long time user of Hookmark - and only just today discovered the Finder Extensions. (I think it took me time because I never knew about them and I couldn’t see them - so never thought of them)

Bottom line - I have same problem as @bchend described

Today I started again in the hope that something would break free - it didn’t

I used Hookmark via SetApp.

  1. I uninstalled completely
  2. I ran clean my Mac in case anything lingered.
  3. I reinstalled Hookmark
  4. The Finder extensions were all ticked and ready to go - BUT - they don’t appear in the contextual menu
  5. I unchecked
  6. I rebooted
  7. I rechecked
  8. Still nothing
  9. I ran the Terminal command above
    10 Still nothing - everything seems to imply it should work - but the item are not listed there.

Would appreciate any more ideas.

Re Finder Command - I entered

pluginkit -e use -i “com.cogsciapps.hook.FinderExtension”

is that right (sorry not a terminal user)

on running - I did not get feedback saying either yup all good - or no - all bad

Thank you for you attention

@bchend if it helps - inside my Hookmark app I have found these two files - if that helps?

Thank you

Welcome to Hookmark forum, @JohnP .

Sorry about this issue.

Apple only allows one Finder extension at a time. So you have other Finder extension installed, you might not see Hookmark extension. It is also the reason you would not see it in iCloud drive, Dropbox folder and Google folder.

If that’s the case, you can install a shortcut for “Copy Link”.

Thank you

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BRILLIANT Thread on that Link - the shortcut seems to be working great - and I met an old friend n there aswell - worlds within worlds :slight_smile:
Thank you