macOS 12.5 beta 5 bug, hold off on updating it if you can

macOS 12.5 beta 5 released today has a bug affecting Hook such that in Finder with Hook you’ll see `No linkable item found in Finder’ and get a “-609 AppleScript error” if you run it. your console may show:

"NSAppleScriptErrorBriefMessage" = "Connection is invalid.";
"NSAppleScriptErrorNumber" = -609;
"NSAppleScriptErrorAppName" = "Finder";

Recent items is also affected .
We notice some links are not openable (BBedit) whereas others (Skim) are.

It is not clear whether this has other dependencies (e.g., being caused by interactions with other software).

Still best to hold off on updating macOS to this macOS beta if you can delay. (In general macOS beta software comes with risks and is not recommended on a production Mac.)

BetterTouchTool also seems to be affected: App crashes on latest Monterey 12.5 beta 5 - Discussion & Questions - BetterTouchTool Community.

We’ve seen this on Intel so far. BetterTouchTool users are also reporting a -609 error on both Intel and M1.

incidentally, it involves a problem with AppleScript. Even breaks some fairly basic scripts, so it’s not specific to Hook.

Wish I had seen your message sooner … :sweat_smile:
Even opening excel files from the finder (hook and bettertouchtool not being involved) brings this -609 error…

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I saw on macrumor forums some people did revert to beta 4 as a workaround… Don’t now is this riskier than staying in beta 5. Seems to mess with onedrive too.

link : Apple Seeds Fifth Beta of macOS Monterey 12.5 to Developers | Page 2 | MacRumors Forums

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I did revert to beta 4, and everything is back to normal. For those interested see this messages and those that follows : Apple Seeds Fifth Beta of macOS Monterey 12.5 to Developers | MacRumors Forums

Do it at your own risk as we were aware of when we did install beta OS on our machines…

Take care guys !
Edit : nonsensical sentence

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It’s also discussed on Michael Tsai - Blog - AppleScript Broken in macOS 12.5 Beta 5. Michael’s blog is a great source of new information about macOS. He consolidates all kinds of information from around the web (blogs, twitter, etc.)

I have installed the latest MacOS 12.5 beta and the Hook problem from last week is gone.

Thank goodness!

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Thank you. We find it works for us too.

Is that the developer version? I’m on the public beta and the only update I can see is macOS 13 Ventura… anyone know if it works on that system yet?

yes it was. They fixed it in the next beta. It works fine on final version, Version 12.5 (21G72).

so far so good. However Hook works with many apps, but not all apps have been qualified for macOS 13 yet.

Thanks, that’s helpful. I think I’ll need to opt out of the beta to see the final 12.5, rather than the beta of 13.0, but might just go for Ventura (much more dangerous!)

indeed. One of my QA Macs, is currently essentially bricked by Ventura. I was expecting the Apple’s installer to give me the choice to add Venture to a different volume than the boot volume; but it blasted forward and installed on the Main volume, and then took out its networking; and had other serious issues. All recovery errors failed so far. Even repairing requires a network connection which Ventura (possibly interacting with other software) knocked out. I assume the initial install error was user error (mine). I do have a time machine backup but should have done Carbon Copy Cloner for thta one because of course Time Machine depends on macOS. I have a couple of tricks to try next week, including booting from a clone of a different Mac. I digress. But bottom line is yes, it’s dangerous as we know, to install those betas. (And yes I know using a VM was an option that I should have taken.) [but despite lack of network connection I was able to test Hook on it]

Thanks Luc, sounds like I should try to get back to the ‘proper’ 12.5, at least to get a backup before moving to Venture.
Thanks for your help.

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