macOS 12.1 AppleScript issues affecting Skim

macOS 12 introduced some AppleScript issues that affected Skim app, and Hook as a side effect. The bugs are here: Skim / Bugs / #1438 Crash when calling displayline: Internal table overflow. More info to follow as we investigate. We may need to get in touch with the Skim dev.

Hook’s deep links are designed to be interoperable, meaning you can switch PDF apps and the links will still work.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (free), PDFpenPro (payware) and Acrobat Pro are substitutes to open deep PDF links till this gets sorted out. If you switch to them, be sure that they are the default for opening PDF files (or at least the files you are currently deep linking to).


Christian Hofman posted a file that works around the issue such that No linkable item found in Skim is no longer seen: Skim / Bugs / #1438 Crash when calling displayline: Internal table overflow .


Skim-app-announce mailing list skim-app-announce List Signup and Options says

A new version of Skim is available for download at .

Skim 1.6.8

Bugs Fixed include:

  • Add full workaround for macOS 12.1 scripting support bug.