Can you make a deep PDF linking in DevonThink's PDF?

Just like PDF PenPro or skim?


Yes, that would be awesome. I’ll second that.

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Anyone care to ask on the DEVONthink forum whether they have an API for deep linking? Or peak in their AppleScript dictionary. They have one to get the link itself.

I haven’t been able to get PDFPenPro or Skim to generate PDFs on my computer. I don’t know why because they used to work fine.

do you mean PDFs or links? Skim is not a generator ( PDFpenPro can create links).
Regarding Skim, please see macOS 12.1 AppleScript issues affecting Skim - Discussion & Help - Hook Productivity Forum. Skim dev has published a link, mentioned in that post, to a build that works around the macOS AppleScript issue.

I believe, that Devonthink has no capability to do deep linking. They do have “Copy Page Link” for a designated pdf page and an included search term which give the first entry of the search of the given page.

For exampe:

gives me a hacky deep link with a jumping to the selected text. (Text is not highlighted with any annotation tool)

The first parameter is indicated by ? and the second parameter by &. If there are more than one matches, there won’t be any search highlights… Therefore the used search selection must be unique.

@LucB Do you maybe can tell me how I can peek into the Applescript dictionary?

Super! I would think even just the first page is a great start. Haven’t tested yet, but it means users can use use “Copy Page Link” as of today. We should easily be able to add Hook to make it behave like it does with other PDF apps and websites.

I will have a look and one of us here will update Using Hook with DEVONthink by DEVONtechnologies – Hook when the dust settles.

(Aside: I myself PDFs directly on Mac. I don’t read PDFs on mobile devices. I do read ebooks on them however.)

There’s Hook’s AppleScript Dictionary – Hook , which is very concise because the dictionary is short , documented and pretty simple. It was in the AppleScript dictionary that we first exposed that Hook is in fact a new kind of bookmark manager, but that went unnoticed at the time.

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hooking pdf in skim failed ,and the hooking link created before all failed :cry: :cry:;but hooking pdf in PDFpen pro is successful!
my MacBook pro version is Monterey 12.1;and in my another MBP laptop(big sur 11.6),the hooking in skim is successful;
so where is the problem???
Mac OS version, Skim ,or Hook??

I am unable to link PDFs from DevonThinkToGo at all. (Not even referring to deep links) Either by going to the share sheet or when selecting text. Am I missing something?

Here is your solution:

I think that you should ask this question in the correct forum section. Just a friendly reminder.

it would be nice, if hookmark could implement deep linking via the search query :slight_smile:

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