MacFamilyTree integration?

Please take a lock to see if it is feasible to integrate Hook and MacFamilyTree? It would be useful to be able to use Hook to link individuals from the genealogy program with external sources – files, websites, etc. I know that these can be recorded internally within MacFamilyTree, but using Hook for linking to sources might be a good future-proofing strategy.

I don’t think MacFamilyTree supports AppleScript, which is a problem.

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That sounds like an awesome application of Hook.
If you wouldn’t mind Contacting the Developers. That will help orient them and they will see that there is customer request rather than just from us. You can provide email . We can help them add automation.

Is there a copy URL in the UI? If so that would be a start. There’s a Hook function: Focus on Link in Clipboard that enables Hook to work around apps that have no automation, as long at they have links.

I’ve added this to our integration pipeline.