Lost Query String Parameters on Pinboard

I’m hooking to Outlook Web emails with the following format:


These work fine when retrieved from Hook. When I examine these links in Pinboard, the parameters &viewmodel=ReadMessageItem&path=&exvsurl=1 have been dropped, leaving the URL with the following format, breaking the links.


Any suggestions?

Hook version 3.1 (4331), Script version 168

very sorry for the delay in responding to this one, Joel. I looked at it at the time and forgot to assign it. I’m sending it to a developer here to consider.

Best regards,


Thanks, Luc. For what it’s worth, the MYMESSAGEID I redacted regularly ends with %3D which decodes to =. Not knowing your code and thinking out loud, this could possibly be a parsing issue.

I can provide a couple complete URLs via PM if that would help troubleshoot. Just let me know.

Thanks again for reporting this. It is indeed a bug. The fix will appear in Hook 3.2