Losing feature when upgrading to 3.5 (don't do it!)

I suddenly found that today I couldn’t “Copy as Markdown Link”. It has always worked for me before.

I saw that on another machine which still has version 3.4.3 still has markdown links available. I saw on your site that markdown links now appear as a “pro” feature.

It is not a pro feature. It is essential, and my entire workflow was broken on one machine (and my purchase premised on having markdown links). I managed to downgrade by getting the old version from the other machine. I’m not sure however that I should be forced into sticking with an old version when one year’s support is supposed to come with a purchase.


The Copy Markdown Link feature has always been advertised as a Pro feature on the buy page, in the feature-tier matrix. (Time machine would confirm.) It was enabled in Essentials version as a bug. All previously created Markdown links will still work. If an Essentials feature were disabled as a bug, then we would re-enable it.

In the past, we have added functionality to the Essentials tier that used to be Pro only.

sorry, I meant “WayBack” Machine.

Thank you Luc, it makes sense. I nevertheless agree with Paul that the experience was crummy—to have a feature work and then mysteriously stop working.

Disappointed that the markdown link feature has been disabled. Please reconsider.

I agree it’s unpleasant. Most bugs in software are frustrating for both the developer and the user. So of course we wish we hadn’t made the error, or any other bug. Having said that, the app has a 30-day trial, and the purchase page clearly says Copy Markdown Link is a Pro feature. We are not taking away a feature that was published as being in Essentials. And like I said in past we have expanded the functionality of Essentials. We also know some users in this case find the glass is half full, as they got extra time to see if Copy Markdown Link makes a difference to them.

I don’t think there’s a convenient in-app way to selectively enable this feature for prior Essential users, and the feature is not currently slated for Essential. And I’m sure that most customers would prefer us to focus on providing the features they’ve requested rather than reworking our pricing strategy. (I do not think it would be fair to Pro users either as they could have paid less for what they wanted.) I know that many users are happy to have Essentials at a lower price point than Pro and do not need the feature, the distinction being the feature set.

We are working on features that will benefit everyone, Essentials and Pro.

If someone has Hook Essentials and loves the Copy Markdown Link feature, please send us a PM or email with the email you used to purchase Hook Essentials, and we’ll send you a discount coupon code for Upgrading to Hook Pro.

Thank you all for being understanding and contributing to the forum.

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I am happy to pay for Hook Pro. It’s an essential part of my workflow and I want to support its development.

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