Looking for advice and strategies to deal with it when on mobile

Greetings from a wannabe!

I’ve seen many videos and read lots of articles about Hookmark, and ready to jump in, but…
…I have a mixed use of my documents and work, shifting from Mac to iPad to iPhone in random order along the day.

I know a mobile App is on the way, but in the meantime how do I deal with my documents and connections between them when on mobile?

This is what’s still stopping from jumping in.

Thank you in advance.

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This is one of the things that discourages me from using Hookmark. But I have long been a user of DEVONthink, so for me a partial solution is to keep most of my documents in DEVONthink and use that program’s item links, which are very robust, and usually work on both Mac and iOS. Not ideal, but it’s the best solution I’ve found for my use.

I’ve been e long time user of DevonThink as well, it’s a great software and almost all of my digital life lives there.
Also, you can do the same things there, no need of Hookmark.

The reason why I’m looking at Hookmark is that I feel the need to reduce the cognitive load when I work on my projects.
Althought I can do everything inside DevonThink, I feel there too many passages and clicks, much more than Hookmark.

I feel that Hookmark is more friendly.

I use Hookmark and DEVONthink together. I just select an item in DEVONthink, hit Control-H, which brings up the Hookmark window, then Command-Shift-M which creates a link to the item in Markdown format. The link is an x-DEVONthink-item, not a Hookmark link, so it works in iOS as well. If you don’t want a Markdown link, you can just hit Control-H then Command-C and you will get just the x-DEVONthink-item link. In other words, Hookmark is clever enough to realise that if you ask for a link in DEVONthink, you don’t want a Hookmark link, you want a “native” DEVONthink item link.

But I would still like Hookmark links to work in iOS!

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WOW this is great and solves many problems, or at least a part of it.
I don’t want to ditch DevonThink because it’s great.
My only concern is about adding another layer to the workflow.

Hookmark is coming to iPhone and iPad. It’s now looking like January-Feb 2024. We’ve been taking our time. We are currently recruiting, to grow faster.

You can contact @bchend to gain access to the iPhone TestFlight.

non hook:// links that are generated by Hookmark can already be used on iOS. E>g., if on macOS you do Hook to New … OmniFocus, Drafts, Apple Notes, etc., then Hookmark adds a backlink in those items to the source.

More to say here, but I’m currently in Hawaii deep-working on an academic project on sleep onset and insomnolence related to mySleepButton® , the other CogSci Apps® invention. @bchend and @bshi are on the forum available to answer your questions, as is the community.